About Us

Our Vision:
To surface hidden potential, celebrate the richness of diversity and leverage the strengths of a truly inclusive workforce, in order to build world-class, global leaders.

Our Mission:

To empower both individuals and teams to:

  • Build self-awareness,
  • Break free of limiting beliefs and behaviors,
  • Solve problems effectively, and
  • Successfully lead themselves, others, and
    their organizations in a rapidly changing, diverse, and interconnected world

Our History:

One of the most commonly accepted stories about the relationship between mother- and daughter-in-law is that it is extremely difficult and must be endured. Our story breaks this stereotype.

We are a dynamic mother- and daughter-in-law team—both Clinical Psychologists and accredited coaches who share a passion for leadership development. After we each founded and ran our own successful companies in South Africa, and

then made the decision to immigrate to the United States, we chose to join forces in forming GloCo Leadership Consulting in 2013.

Our success as a team is built upon our mutual respect for one another, our different perspectives, and our willingness to utilize our varied, yet complementary, skills and strengths to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Our Founders:

Linda Braun Leibowitz

Certified Executive Coach and 
Clinical Psychologist
“Linda strikes the right balance between gentle encouragement and relentless, firm focus.”
Marija Ruygrok, CEO, Accents Training

Tana Slomowitz

Certified Executive Coach and
Clinical Psychologist
“Tana’s integrity, professional and engaging style is of the highest I have seen in my 30-year career.”
Arthur Merkle, VP and Head of Consumer Care, EMEA