ServicesLeveraging Diversity

As facilitators who grew up and lived in South Africa, both during and post-Apartheid, the team at GloCo Leadership Consulting is uniquely equipped to lead powerful and effective diversity workshops. Our many years of experience dealing with diversity issues, in both organizations and day-to-day life, allow us to deliver unique perspectives and insights into the globally essential issue of diversity.

    “A diverse economy is a strong economy. Businesses that embrace our nation’s changing demographics reap the economic benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce… By bringing together our different backgrounds, skills and experiences, businesses are better able to breed the type of innovative and creative solutions needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive economy.”
    – Center for American Progress, ‘The State of Diversity in Today’s Workforce’

Our Strategies

Our approach to diversity is multi-dimensional and tailored to suit your organization’s unique diversity profile. We create your profile by conducting on-site focus groups, in-depth interviews, and attitudinal surveys. Based on this information, we design a series of custom workshops that include:

  • The business case for leveraging diversity
  • Experiential modules that allow for personal insight into biases and prejudices
  • An examination of the personal, interpersonal, and organizational effects of bias
  • Theoretical models that ground the experiential aspects of the workshops

  • Sharing of the different experiences and perspectives represented by the diverse groups within your organization
  • Strong, facilitated discussion around current diversity issues within the organization
  • Problem-solving for authentic inclusivity and multiculturalism in the workplace

Between workshops, we provide exercises to encourage further self-reflection and learning applications. Participants complete the diversity workshops with tools and skills that can be put into action immediately.

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